„We provide professional aviation solutions to every kind of customer which simply fits. And we love it.“

Hermann Nagel | Managing Director

Our Services


  • Specialized in reorganizing airlines and MROs
  • Implementation of new structures
  • Controlling the implementation process
  • Phasing in of leased Aircrafts / Engines
  • Lease of AC & Engines during operation
  • Phasing out and returning to lessor of AC & Engine

The airlines and MROs are very much driven to reduce cost, to offer reasonably priced tickets to the passengers and to support the airlines with cost effective maintenance programs. We are capable of restructuring an organization according to our customers’ needs/requirements/portfolio. It is clear to us that such a process may optionally be associated with large incisions. At this point we have to mention that the willingness of the entire organization needs to be present. We guarantee our customers the development of optimal solutions that do not jeopardize the ongoing work. Our experience has shown that this can be achieved by close cooperation between us and our customer. We focus on practical solutions during the implementation of new processes such as, Material purchases, warehousing/storage, product control, cost control, finance, etc. Our goal is to reduce the cost of the customer as much as possible, while providing a functional operation with no compromises in regard to safety regulations required. Safety in all our plans and implementations has the highest priority.

Lease Management

Aviocon have managed a number of aircraft leases mostly in the region of Asia Pacific on short term and long term basis, ACMI included.

Aviocon has excellent relationships with aircraft manufactures and to other leasing and aircraft trading firms. Through this wide network we are able to find our clients the aircraft based on their needs and requirement.

Aircraft and engine leasing is very complex and no simple matter. Most importance is to select the perfect aircraft for our customer and finding the right provider. Due to our experience we are highly qualified in this area and are able to advise and support our customers. Among our tasks while providing our service are:
Aircraft type, engine type
Duration of the contract period
Rental Terms
Terms of payment
Contract negotiations

In the past, we have learned that a very close cooperation with the lessee and the lessor is very important. During Transaction we always achieved a good level of negotiating and idea-sharing which was often detrimental to our success. Finally, it should be emphasized that we support our customers for the entire procurement process; additionally we support the lessee during the whole period of the lease, Furthermore we make sure that the equipment will meet the redelivery conditions according to the contracts, without additional costs.

Aircraft and Engine Inspection

  • Pre Purchase / lease inspection
  • Periodic inspections during lease
  • Lease return inspection
  • Delivery and re-delivery inspection

Aircrafts and Engines need to be inspected at many times. We provide our clients very compact inspection services as either buyer or seller would have to make sure that their product (Aircraft, Engine) is in good condition. We have performed inspections to various customers. We are aware that customers/leasing firms are different and request different kind of inspections and different focal points. Therefore we are prepared to perform such inspections in accordance to our clients’ requirements. With our own developed check lists we are in a position to complete detailed inspections in an acceptable period of time due to the comprehension of the inspection. The range starts from a simple visual physical check over a complete pre-purchase inspection and any form of lease inspection including periodic inspections during the lease period and any other kind inspection. One of our other focuses are lease return inspections. In the past we have performed delivery and re-delivery inspections for leasing companies and airlines. This covers technical inspections and includes of course full record inspections. Our focus is on the life limit parts (LLP) as those are reflecting the value of the equipment. We are in a position to perform engine boroscope inspection of most of the current operated engines. Concerning to all inspections we are strictly following the EASA and airworthiness standards. At this stage quality is the major point where we do not compromise at all as this is related to the airworthiness and safety of the equipment.

Aircraft and Engine Trading

  • Sourcing of Aircrafts and Engines
  • Contract negotiation
  • Sourcing of sellers /buyer
  • Linking the seller/buyer and managing the sale/purchase process

In the airlines business it is very common that airplanes changing the operators/owners because on various reason mostly due to changes of operations/requirements of the airlines. Thereby aircrafts becoming available in the market and on the other hand airline have a demand of aircrafts. We are set to the respective alteration. Through our network and our very good knowledge of the market we are able to acquire or sell aircrafts/engines on behalf of our clients. This includes also the leasing of aircraft and also engines. Therefore we adapt our activities due to the continuously changes of the market condition. Therefore we are continually expanding our relationships and our network. This is a very comprehensive field of business and requires steadiness and very good knowledge of the various and different processes. But so far we could say we have been able to manage purchase and leasing transaction to the satisfaction of our customers.

Aircraft and Engine Management

Aircraft base check management

Engine Shop Visit management

  • Preparation of scope of works
  • Managing Aircraft base checks
  • Managing engine shop visits
  • Cost controlling
  • Representation of clients
  • Warranty administration

When it comes to the maintenance of aircrafts and engines are quality is most important. Aviocon offer our customers this kind quality without any compromise. We are finding our customers the most suitable and reliable MROs for the work need to be performed. Furthermore we do negotiate the maintenance contracts for and on behalf of our clients to get the best rates. We make sure that our customers will have the best timing for their maintenance events in consideration of technical and economically aspects. One of our core competences are the preparation of the necessary scope of service for each individual task. That will be done closely with our clients and the MROs to meet our client’s requirements. During the overhauls/shop visits we supervise all maintenance requirements and ensure a smooth and fast process. We are finishing our task if the invoices to our customers are checked and payments are advised. Should there occur technical problems related to any overhaul/repair, we represent our clients in the guarantee/warranty settlement.

Aircraft and Engine Coverage

Aviocon performs services and inspections on various types of aircraft and engines.

In the past we have performed inspections on most operated aircrafts and engine different type’s inspections and for different purposes. In the range from pre-purchase, periodic i up to lease return inspections.


Aircrafts Engines
A320 series, A330 series, A340 series V2500 series
B737 series, B757 series, B777 series PW2000 series
Global Express PW4000 series
BAe146 / Avro RJ85 series CF34 Series
Challenger 300 JT9D / JT8D series
ATR42, ATR72 series CF6-50 / CF6-80 series
Bombardier CRJ200 GE90
Fokker 50 RB211 series
Twin Otter DHC6 series RR Trend series

About us

Aviocon was founded in 2008 by Hermann Nagel in Germany. Hermann Nagel has over 30 years in the aviation industry and in this respect, far-reaching knowledge.

Due to the growing market of the aviation industry in South East Asia, the company was relocated to Malaysia in 2012 where Aviocon was able to develop and expand its business areas.Currently Aviocon has 9 specialists in various fields of the aviation industry.

Furthermore we are working closely with other specialists all over the world to meet our clientele requirements.


Our core business:

  • Consultancy
  • Aircraft/Engine Inspection
  • Aircraft Management
  • Aircraft and Engine Trading

Success has three letters: ACT or SIMPLY DO IT

Guided by relentless focus on our five imperatives, we will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. In doing this, we will deliver operational excellence in every corner of the Company and meet or exceed our commitments to the many constituencies we serve. All of our long-term strategies and short-term actions will be molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every associate.

Aviocon’s vision is to be a leader in aviation industry related excellent services, quality.

We will earn our customers’ enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of Aviocon people.Aviocon’s independency is very important to be absolutely loyal to all our clientele.

Based on our experience and our company philosophy the services are substantiated and objectivity concerning all thinking and acting is an important part of our philosophy. Whatever we do; our thinking, planning and performing services we do it in objective manner and following the actual facts. This also applies to the establishment of programs and processes.  It also applies particularly to any service related to any kind of aircraft and engine inspection.

Our employees are very well trained in this respect and are following our company policy without limitations. Our independence and objectivity is our capital and is very important to us.

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